DO THE FIVE U-Help Stop Corona Virus

Over the past few weeks, I collected some information and put it together. No fancy title, just 5 words that begin with U.
1. UNDERSTAND - A clearly illustrated, holistic and easy depiction of the novel - coronavirus
2. UPDATE - Follow Updates from the CDC and your local state website (.gov websites)                Ensure public safety of everyone along with your own. Wash your hands with soap, often. Practice not touching your face. Engage in non-physical greetings - Wave, Bow, 'Namaste'. Refrain from using public services such as pools, beaches, gyms, sports and parks. Familiarize yourself with symptoms and follow these steps if you think you are sick.
3. UPHOLD - Continue to practice these steps and keep abreast with the latest, until this situation subsides.
4. UNSELFISH - Do not hoard on unnecessary supplies - Another family may need them more immediately than your garage.
5. UNITY - The next 2 weeks will be a crucial time-out that we will be taking; so our nation's healthcare system can serve us better. Do not use this time for personal holidays/vacations.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin

I urge everyone to remain indoors, stay calm and be mindful. This will be our greatest contribution in fighting this pandemic.
- Sai Venkata Kaushik Adusumilli
    Process Engineer, Engg Services

"Lets take a walk for the Heart"

Heart disease and Stroke are one of the greatest health threats facing you and your loved ones. The American Heart Association has programs that fight constantly against these deadly diseases.

GO SYSTEMS LLC Contributed $500 to support the 2019 Scott County Hesrt Walk and thus helped the Amercian Heart Association mission move forward!

“Together we can make great strides against heart diseases”


On May 31st 2018, Go Systems donated a van to the Scott County Habitat ReStore Non-Profit Organization. Go Systems has served the Georgetown Community for over 17 years and this is the second vehicle contribution made to the Georgetown Habitat for Humanity in the last four years.

“Let's do our part. Every Contribution Matters. WE CARE"
Paul Mcquirter, CEO